Thursday, May 11, 2006

2006 Running Schedule

Lo and behold, I finished my 9 qualifed races for the 2007 ING Marathon. I'm all set! Below are the races I have competed this year:

1/8 Fred Lebow Classic (5M)
1/22 NYRR Frostbite (10M)
1/28 Manhattan Half Marathon (13.1M)
2/5 Gridiron Classic (4M)
2/25 NYRR Al Gordon Snowflake (4M)
3/12 Pfizer Colon Cancer Challenge (9.3M)
3/18 Brooklyn Half Marathon (13.1M)
4/2 Scotland Run (6.2M)
4/29 Queens Half Marathon (13.1M)
5/7 Reckson Long Island Half Marathon (13.1M)

Here's my tentative running schedule for the rest of the year (definites are denoted in bold):

5/14 Mother's Day (5K)
5/20 Healthy Kidney (10K)
6/4 NYRR Anniversary Run (4.8M)
6/11 Avon Race Against Domestic Violence (60 mile Relay - 8.2M)
6/21 JP Morgan Chase Corporate Challenge - (3.5 M)
6/18 Father's Day Prostate Cancer (5M)
7/9 Bronx Half Marathon - Grand Prix Series (13.1 M)

7/15 NYRR Dash and Splash (5M)
7/22 Run for the Parks Central Park Run (5M)
7/29 Mets Race to the plate (5K)
8/19 NYRR Club Team Championships (5M)
8/27 NYC Half Marathon (13.1M)
10/1 Norwegian Festival Half Marathon (13.1M)
10/15 Staten Island Half Marathon (13.1M)
11/5 ING NYC Marathon
11/25 KNICKERBOCKER (60K or 37.2M)
12/16 Joe Kleinerman (9.3M)

I reckon this is a tad bit excessive, hence I may skip a few of the shorter races and aim for the longer runs. I'm thinking there are times where late-nite partying, after parties, concert events and hangovers will take priority :) .

Aloha and Cheers,



Blogger stephruns said...

Hi Moz,

60K in central park? I am amazed. Do you think you'll like it? The thing is, that lately I get a bit bored of Central Park and focus more on trail running. You will have to do tons of loops!

I ran the L.I. Half Marathon as well, just way slower than you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy running,

10:25 AM  

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