Sunday, April 02, 2006

Scotland 10K 2006

Before I comment the Scotland 10K run, who would've thought it will be an UCLA/Florida game tomorrow??!??!?! Beats me, but I'll choose Florida....

This morning was my very first scored 10K run in Central Park. I guess the picture perfect weather resulted in an excellent showing with over 5000 participants. Coming into this race I made the decision to finish it before 46 minutes and that's exactly what I have accomplished!

Originally I had 45 minutes in mind, but I have succumbed to a right eye infection the day before and had to go to a doctor for a checkup. Right now, even with glasses the right eye is very blurry! Horrible timing to catch an infection a week before my European Vacation! Anyway, after several eye tests including a glaucoma one (wtf?) the doc diagnosed the problem and prescribed 3 medications (Cyclogyl, Zymar and Bacitracin ointment) to me that is well worth over $150 bucks without insurance (thank god it was $40 bucks with United Healthcare!). Doc also told me discard the eyecare solution regularly and dispose the lenses every two weeks - damn I must be really lazy. Sucks for me because this could've been prevented and I have no one to blame but myself.

Ok back to the race. With my blurred vision on my right eye I was definitely apprehensive on the route and being extremely prudent on the little potholes and uneven ground. I started a few feet ahead from the 7 min mile marker and couldn't find the rest of the dogs in the race. After a few breaths and instilling the 46 minute goal in my head, I was ready to go. The first mile was decent as I have posted a 7:16. After that mile I realized I should be picking up the pace as I knew of an incoming downhill. A little over one mile, lo and behold, I finally spotted a dog. Yes, it was Alex aka "the Claw" and I paced with him on mile 2 (14:05). I picked up a bit on mile 3 with a little under 21 and remembered the incoming uphills. At mile 4, this was when I lost some time as well as my momentum. I was pissed. I was upset with the fact that I wasn't running a smart race as I was struggling with the my breath and dehydration and not picking up enough on my legs. Even worse, just when I was enjoying my Morrissey, Smiths, Jack Johnson, Dave Matthews, Postal Service mix, my Ipod crashed. Phuck me now i have to resort to bagpipe music!

I pushed a little too hard in the beginning and karma has bitten me in the ass. I reached 28:12 on mile 4 and overheard one of those retards wearing the "I ran my faster 10K in the marathon" or some shit like that saying "one more hill and the rest is downhill". After eavesdropping, I quit panicking and relaxed and managed to hit a little over 35 on mile 5. After mile 6, racers can hear the continuous bagpipes and roaring crowd.

Seeing the finish line from afar, I ignored the time on mile 6 and hit on nitro. In the end, I posted a net time of 43:00 (6:56/mile), ranked 303, second in my team and my highest age grade of 62.4%. Even though I was happy with my time, I felt like I could've done a lot better and pace myself with more consistency rather than running in spikes.

My next race will be the Queens Half Marathon on 4/29. That would be a week after my European Vacation and with little expectations for that race, I would be satisfied to finish around 1:38. Notice that I am setting low expectations for myself so I won't be disappointed :) .

One more thing congrats to my curry girl Rupal Patel who posted a time of 57:10 and team Suzukis with 51:49 and 52:25 respectively.

Aloha and Cheers,



Blogger nyflygirl said...

i too saw someone wearing one of those shirts!! (the "i ran my fastest 10k at the end of the marathon" or something like that) what-evah... :)

anyway, good job yesterday-nice first 10k time to put on the books :)

12:00 PM  
Blogger Rupal said...

KEN is seriously my hero. I don't know anyone that runs that fast. And I saw like 30 people wearing that shirt and it totally inspired me. There was another shirt I liked, "I always finish what I START." NYC Marathon 2005.

That one was pretty cool too, but not as cool as my chow mein friend, KEN.

11:14 AM  
Blogger Morrissey said...

inspired? you kidding me right? when i see those singlets, i had the innate urge to tear it up and throw it back at them!

8:18 AM  

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