Sunday, April 02, 2006

Morrissey Listening Party @ Supreme Trading

After a few drinks at my place and Fat Cat Pussycat on West 4th, girlfriend and I went to check out the Morrissey Listening Party at Supreme Trading around 12:15am after dinner at Sea Thai. The Supreme Trading experience consisted hordes of young hipsters, typical NYU/Parsons/FIT crowd, a line for the men's bathroom, a bad dj and a smoking room that permeated the non-smoking section. The sound system was also horrible as well as the song selections with the likes of Prince, Erasure and Pet Shop Boys. There were also a few tracks from the Postal Service and Death Cab that resulted in some booing and the Smiths' "What Difference Does It Make" managed to lurk into the club's track list.

When you managed to have huge expectations for this event you are bound for disappointment. The only positive note from this event was the fact that we stole a Morrissey poster posted near the DJ. Bonnie and Clyde style!

Aloha and Cheers,



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