Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Coldplay @ Nassau Coliseum 3/27/06

What can I say? Coldplay was amazing! Angela and I arrived at Nassau a wee bit early around 6pm and already there were tailgaters with the likes of Long Island japs, high schoolers and the occassional emo-punk blasting X&Y and Parachutes.

The first pit stop was to purchase Coldplay merchandises. Although a vast array of t-shirts, there was only one i liked and it wasn't even from american apparrel; hence the fit wasn't that great. I purchased the yellow twisted logic tour tee for $35 and wore that tee when I took Angela to the men's bathroom to hold my jacket and beer. Yes, bathroom goers gave stern glances at Anchi, but we just laughed it off. Ok so the seats were awesome (section 203 row A) and to pass the time before the show started, we decided to play spot the "hok" and dyke.

The show started at 8pm with Richard Ashcroft as the opening act. He was ok; a little pompous to say the least and little surprised that he is still alive for a crack addict; after all crack is whack! After Ashcroft's performance, I rushed to the long line for the men's bathroom to break the seal from drinking a couple of Coors and ordered a sub from Quiznos. Funny thing is the owner of Quiznos was one of my classmates from high school. Reflecting back to my high school days, he was the uber-competitve phucker that whines to get the highest mark in class. I actually had lofty expectations for him as he went to Wharton for undergrad. Anyway, who would've thought you can make over 120K working as a manager for a franchised fast food sub chain?

Coldplay started around 9:30pm and my heart started beating rapidly like doing any speed workouts in Central Park. Chris started the night with Square One and below is the setlist:

Speed of sound
God put a smile upon your face
What if
Dont panic
White shadows
The scientist
Til' kingdom come
Ring of fire
Swallowed in the sea
In my place
Fix you

Although I snapped around 80 pics, I bet half of them came out blurry. I'll post the pics this week. As usual, it was awesome! Now Morrissey, you are NEXT!

Aloha and Cheers,



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