Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Running On Empty

Just a quick account with regards to my running stats:

Last week at the GridIron 4 miler was a milestone as I have finally broken the 7 minute mile mark (6:54) with a net time of 27:39. Being 310 out of 4800 participants is not too shabby. I guess all of the hard work in weight, endurance and cross training have worked out well.

The first mile exceeded my expectations as I have hit 7:30 since I usually start off slow and finish strong. I paced 15:17, 21:39 on my second and third mile respectively. On my last mile I saw my fellow Reservoir Dogs and Silke with her poms poms cheering the dawgs. Furthermore, extra "mozzer-nitro" was exerted when I looked up at the sky and reminiced as my mind diverted to the aesthetic NYC skyline and declared how lucky I was to be alive in this great city. This sense of enlightenment encourage me to pick up the pace and - which goes to show you what kind of random thoughts i have in my head. Anyone vicariously swimming through my consciousness would ought to be intrigued!

At the end of the race, I waited at the finish line to cheer for the other reservoir dogs (if i saw them) and for my friends Akko and Kaz....then lo and behold, i saw my boss. It was good to see him running again after the baby. I also got the chance to meet his wife and baby too. Anyway, Akko came into the finish line after 36 minutes. I was very very proud of her considering the fact that she just started running and beat her time from a previous 4 miler. Congrats Akko

Officially, I have reached my personal best for a 4 miler. With this result, I am going to put more pressure in myself to shave another 4 seconds for the next race and under 1:37:30 for the next half-marathon. *keeping my fingers crossed*

And yes, the pics attached were from the half-marathon and not the Gridiron.
Sorry for the confusion!

Aloha and Cheers,



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