Monday, February 13, 2006

Blizzard of '06

Just when the thought of eschewing the wicked winter weather, New Yorkers were bombarded by a "North-easter" resulting in one of the biggest blizzards in NYC history and dumping over 2 feet of snow.

It is surprising to see how my thoughts of snow changed gradually through years of maturity. I remembered the times in public school that snow is something to rave about, but now the thought of dangerous traffic, arduous labor of shoveling snow, unsightly "yellow" snow and the daunting task of avoiding slipperage by taking prudent steps are mainly the reasons why I hate snowstorms.

I guess from all the negatives, I should put this in a positive light, correct? Well, I guess one good thing that came out of the snowstorm is a good 35 minute workout of helping my parents shovel the snow in Queens. The 35 minutes of shoveling felt like 5 minutes as I anxiously wanted to get things done to go home. To digress a bit- thank god I have the 4Runner! I knew a 4-wheeley would come in handy someday!! I got home around 5pm, relaxed and watched the Olympics, and literally reflected how fortunate i was to not shovel the god damn snow in the city!

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